10 Apps That Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Productivity

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10 Apps That Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Productivity

10 Apps That Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Productivity

When you are working from your home or even from your office, there can be times where you feel that you are not really doing your best to enhance your productivity. Procrastination is one of the most common problems we face in the digital age. If you think that you are the only one who is facing this issue, then you are wrong. We all face this from time to time and the reasons for this can vary anywhere between stress to being bored or finding something more interesting to do. Putting off your work can lead to a lot of problem for you, especially if your supervisor complains due to lack of your productivity.

However, you may just be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to handle or freaking out because you are not really using your time in the best possible manner. You may even find yourself lazily scrolling through the social media feeds. We know; we have all been there and we understand how difficult it can be to develop productive work habits that help you to generate the best output. Fortunately, nowadays you can find many tools that are incredibly useful when you are trying to use your time in the best possible manner.

This can actually provide you with a lot of scope to boost productivity so that you can plan your tasks and finish them right on time. You can also manage your workflow steadily so that you never feel pressurized or overwhelmed.


Streaks is a simple yet powerful To-Do List app designed for Mac and iOS users. You can use it to cultivate habits that can be useful for you. It encourages users to focus on a maximum of twelve different tasks so that you can set incentives for them once you have them successfully completed. You can also repeat these tasks at regular intervals so that you can achieve the success streaks you are looking for.


Evernote is popular as one of the best note taking apps that you will find in the online world. You can make lists, save pieces and resources from the web, organize your writings, sync across multiple devices, come up with templates for using them once again and also collaborate and share items with your friends and working teams. Evernote comes in both free and premium versions.


Things is a personal task manager made for iOS and Mac devices that can help you to achieve your day to day goals easily. The latest version of this app, i.e. Things 3 features an all-new powerful and intuitive design which can help you to manage your workflow in a hassle-free manner. You can sync all your To-Do lists across your iPad, iPhone, Mac computer and Apple Watch seamlessly.


Pocket is a bookmarking app that allows you to save links and resources from various websites so that you can read them later. Pocket is a great way of keeping track of the things that you have read and you might want to refer back later. You can also bookmark adjacent content so that you can read them later. In this way, you can prevent yourself from distractions and get back to them later at a more suited time.


Toggl is a time tracking application that is equipped with a very intuitive interface. Every app development California company strongly recommend freelancers to use Toggl since it can help them to make the best use of the time at hand.

Most freelancers literally consider it as a lifesaver since it helps them to handle multiple projects. The app also allows users to keep track of which activities takes up time so that they can be avoided or minimized.


Headspace is the app that you must use when you want to achieve inner peace and quietness. To boost your productivity, you must also rest and meditate and Headspace teaches you how you can improve your mental and emotional functioning. You can use this app to meditate at the start of your day, at the middle or even before you go to the bed.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a simple note taking tool that you need to have when you want to jot down some lines or keep track of things as you work on your big projects. You can use Google Keep to categorize notes by adding color, add some scanned text on the app, dictate some notes when you are on the move and even share your notes with others.


Zapier is a great app when you want to automate and integrate apps and functions that normally do not go together. For instance, if you just received an email via your Gmail account, you can arrange the settings of the Zapier app in such a way that all the attachments that come with it is saved to your Dropbox account. The app can then send you an alert through the Slack app.


Slack is certainly one of the most popular productivity apps right now. It functions as a communication tool which can be used by your office team to work and collaborate together. You can streamline your office conversations smoothly and enable team members to join and exit conversations any time they want. It also comes with sharing and video chatting features.


Todoist is another widely used app for listing all kinds of pending tasks. It is powered by a user-friendly AI which can help you to categorize different types of tasks and schedule reminders. Using the Todoist can really help you to streamline your workflow and make sure that you do not forget anything. You can also manage teams, handle responsibilities and plan numerous projects with Todoist.

Exploring these above-mentioned apps can be a good idea for you whether you are working from home or office. Leading mobile apps development firm strongly recommend using them as they have been noted to deliver top notch results for all kinds of users.

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