Educational Apps — Increasing Demand During Pandemic Time

The Pandemic Presents an Opportunity in Crisis for Educational Apps

Some Reasons why Teachers and Students Prefer E-Learning Mobile Apps:

  • Class Videos: Teachers can shoot professional videos with our app, even while not using a high-end mobile phone, that will adjust for distortions and noise in the background on its own. These video lectures are uploaded to the backend to be viewed by the students at a time of their choice in offline mode for self-paced learning.axz
  • Online Live Classes: Educational apps must support live streaming of sessions and not just rely on video tutorials. These sessions are especially important for younger learners and even for mature students for clearing any doubts. Virtual classrooms with authorized entry, attendance and teacher control.
  • Assignments: Any education app worth its space on your screen, will give management of assignments — allotment to student, in-time submissions, notifications, uploading them in different formats, review and grading within the app.
  • Chat and Message Boards: Any kind of communication between teachers, learners and their parents it is imperative and not everything can be discussed in the short time for the class.
  • So chat with personal message facility, group chat, message boards and Q&A forum are integral part of the app.
  • Announcements: Schools, universities, teachers and administrators need to make announcements regarding various activities, updates and events related to the whole institution, a class or a group of classes, so an online announcement section with notifications is mandatory.
  • Quizzes and Tests: In place of conventional tests where students are asked to write long answers, quizzes are the simplest tool to assess their development with minimum tools and in the shortest time frame. We have ensured that questions with multiple choices, true/false, fill in the blanks, match the following, and other forms can be given.
  • And obviously, the traditional tests with long-answer questions are also available for evaluating the comprehension.
  • Grading and Results: With quizzes, tests and assignments come grades and results. Depending on the school’s policy we can customize the grading mechanisms and can make changes to it later as well.
  • Enhance Classroom Performance: Our mobile apps for schools provide direct link to curated and moderated content online that teachers can use to make learners more aware about a topic. We can play YouTube videos, show images and articles from other websites to help students enhance their learning from within one environment and take charge.
  • Make Learning Fun: It is not easy to engage young learners on a screen for long and learning through gamification is a great way to connect with them. We provide services to build engaging student content with games and animations to be uploaded on educational mobile app on special requests. This can help even advanced learners visualize and understand difficult topics such as human anatomy, machines, engine, galaxy, etc.
  • Self-paced Learning: In an online live class of 30–40 students, a teacher cannot focus on all students equally and teach as well. As each student has an individual mobile app, they can follow instructions on their own if good and appropriate material as available on the app build by teachers and expert educators.
  • Effective Two-way Communication: As every student may not get sufficient time to discuss her doubts with the teacher during live session, it can significantly affect their learning. Educational mobile apps make it easy for students and teachers to connect and have an open and interactive communication.
  • Eco-Friendly Learning: The students today are “woke” and more concerned about ecology, trees and the environment. Educational mobile apps help them reduce their carbon footprints in a major way without robbing them of the learning opportunities. Mobile apps allow frequent and dynamic update of content that is not even possible in case of printed books and materials.

The Opportunity for Educational Mobile Apps





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Raindrops Infotech

Raindrops Infotech

Raindrops Infotech is a top web development company in the USA, specializing in website design and web development agency.

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